How to Catch Him Cheating Like A Spy

How to Catch Him Cheating

Do you suspect your man is cheating on you? In this day and age, technology is a growing part of our daily lives, making relationships much easier to find. But on the flip side, catching a cheat is much easier thanks to technology. Before assuming anything, look for the signs then search for clues.


If you have noticed a change in your boyfriend’s behavior lately, it may mean he has something to hide. The changes may seem spontaneous or he might seem distracted more often. Here is a list of some of the signs to look for is you suspect your man is not being faithful.

  • Started working out
  • Dressing better or new cologne
  • Change in schedule
  • Wants privacy when using his phone
  • Social networks you don’t know about
  • A gut feeling


In many cases infidelity is discovered by mistake. But if you suspect a cheat and still need confirmation, in order to protect your emotional well being, its time to investigate. Here are a few suggestions you can use to find the evidence needed.

  • Check the garbage bin (receipts, credit card bills, condoms, movie tickets)
  • Drop by unannounced (drop in at the gym or office)
  • Snoop through his phone (or phone bill if possible)
  • Follow him

If you’re serious about catching him and you’re willing to breach his privacy, consider these solutions to catch him in the act.


  1. A small GPS device can be attached to the underside of your man’s car so you can track his movements. Watch his travels in real time using your cell phone and track him right to his secret rendezvous.
  2. Hidden cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Some are hidden in picture frames, note books, alarm clocks and even phone chargers making your options endless. Place a hidden camera in his favorite room to monitor his movements, guests and conversations.
  3. Keyloggers can capture and store everything typed on your boyfriends computer without being too obvious. Some can store up to a years worth of information on the internal flash drive in a special file. The data is accessed just like using a USB flash drive so every conversation your partner is engaging in will be recorded.
  4. Phone apps can be installed in order to locate, document and listen to what is going on in his phone. Some have a real time tracking function while others record sim card data. (FYI- It is illegal to install any type of software on a device you don’t own, unless you get consent from the owner.)
  5. Setting up a fake social media account to bait your boyfriend into flirting or more, is probably the cheapest method. Based on his reaction or invitations you can assume whether he would or would not cheat, or that you may not be the only online interest.
  6.  If you have entanglements, such as finances or marriage, you can hire a private investigator to catch your unfaithful mate. They are usually licensed and some specialize in infidelity type investigations. This would be the most expensive option but may assist you from future legal issues.

Fortunately, catching a cheat is no longer difficult when using the methods mentioned above. Once evidence is gathered and confirmed decisions can be made on how to move forward with the relationship.

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